Socks and sandals, loud printed shirts and disastrous colour clashes. This is of course a list of just a few fashion crimes dads across the globe are guilty of committing.

If your kids have laughed at your crazy garms before, then do not fear – you are not alone. In fact, the majority of dad’s have embarrassed their offspring with their poor wardrobe choices at one point or another. In fact, it has become somewhat of an expectation of fatherhood.

Nevertheless, we can’t deny that these awful outfit choices are a great source of entertainment. So, without further ado, here are the world’s worst dressed dads.

Knee-high socks and sandals

Here we have a classic case of a dad doing what he does best – dressing dreadfully. As if standard socks and sandals weren’t bad enough – throw some extra length socks into the equation and you have a fashion nightmare.