Microsoft Paint has faded into the background since the likes of Photoshop have stepped onto the digital design scene however, artist Pat Hines is helping it make a come back.

Every ’90s baby will remember spending hours trying to create a masterpiece on Paint, only to later realise their efforts had been wasted and the end result was less than impressive. But, Pat has cracked the secret to succeeding with this tricky program and has produced a whole books worth of incredible images – using souly paint.

He didn’t try and deny that the reason for his Paint triumph was because he couldn’t be bothered to learn Photoshop. However, we are certainly glad he didn’t as his newest ebook, Camp Redboood, is entirely illustrated with Microsoft Paint images.

Each and every one of them are highly detailed and we are amazed by what he has achieved with such a basic program. Continue reading to take a look at Pat’s paintings and find out more about his hilarious ebook.

Forget Photoshop – Use Paint

After Pat admitted to himself that he couldn’t be bothered to learn Photoshop, he set about becoming the master of Microsoft Paint.