We all have our fair share of horrific first date stories to tell and it turns out celebrities are no exception to this rule.

Whether you are famous or not, love is a complicated thing and it’s no secret that you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince.

Some of Tinsel Town’s most-loved celebs have revealed the juicy (and cringeworthy) details of their worst first dates ever and they are comedy gold.

From Kim Kardashian to Justin Bieber we just can’t get enough of these hilarious horror stories.

Selena Gomez

It is no surprise this stunning singer has no trouble landing a date, but that doesn’t mean they are all perfect. Her most awkward date was with a guy that was too shy to even speak to her! We can’t blame him for being nervous, but really?  “[The guy I went out with] was very shy, so I was just sitting there trying to ask questions and fill in the awkward spaces.” Ouch.