From Cinderella and Frozen to Lion King and The Jungle Book, children across the world have idolised Walt Disney’s cinematic creations for generations.

While the films his company produces are the epitome of ‘happy ever after’ the organisation itself is a little less squeaky clean.

After uncovering the following shocking secrets about Disney, it is unsurprising Walt had tried desperately for years to keep them under wraps.

Here are a few facts about this iconic company that were never supposed to be revealed to the world.

Disneyland deaths

It’s no surprise that Walt doesn’t want the world to know that people have died in his parks. That’s just not magical at all. The first Disney death was in the 1960s when a boy’s restraint became undone on the Matterhorn ride, and he fell out of the car. Since then, guests have died from things like being struck by flying debris from malfunctioning rides and drowning in the artificial rivers.