We have to admit it, we have all made mistakes in our lives and sometimes we even repeat them, however, many of us don’t have a mistake permanently printed onto our bodies.

These unlucky people may have loved their questionable tattoos at the time but now they deeply regret them.

In the hope of transforming their horrific pieces into works of art, they put their trust in tattooists who completely screwed them over in the first place.

We hope that they booked in with a different tattooist for a third time because they’re going to need it…

1. How Dumb?!

image source: Tattoodo

How has this person had that many girlfriends with this embarrassing scene on show?! Don’t stand for it Laura!

2. What A Burn!

image source: imgur

We wish all the best for this happy couple but what is she going to do next if Ryan splits up with her?!