Many of the Teen Mom stars we’ve watched grow up on our screens started out on the reality show 16 and Pregnant. 

We were able to watch the girls make tough decisions about their lives, which would ultimately include a baby from a very young age. Some of the characters we grew to love, whereas others we definitely had other opinions about.

We decided to catch up with the girls who didn’t make the cut for Teen Mom, or Teen Mom 2, or Teen Mom 3… Some of these ladies you may have forgotten about, along with others who are now much older, potentially pregnant again and those still in the MTV spotlight.


Nikkole was an ex-party girl who was featured on the MTV series following the birth of her son, Lyle, when she was just a teenager. Since the show, Nikkole has done a lot of growing up, and is also now a mother to a little girl, and spends her time sharing parenting stories and tips on her social media profiles.