Our TV screens were blessed with the 89th Academy Awards last night.

The biggest names in Hollywood gathered in their stunning gowns and tailored tuxedos to witness the honourable Oscars ceremony unfold.

The night will forever be remembered as the time that La La Land was wrongfully named as Best Picture – but there were so many other things that happened that you need to know, including how Emma Stone reacted to the news!

There were totally unexpected reunions, Nicole Kidman proved her hands aren’t normal, random tourists were wed by Denzel Washington and host Jimmy Kimmel decided to involve President Donald Trump in the celebrations.

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Nicole Kidman proved she doesn’t know how to clap


Kidman is a wonderful actress, film producer and doting wife, but sadly she can’t add clapping to her list of talents. She channelled her inner Grinch last night when she clapped as if her nails were wet. That’s right, only her palms touched and we were as confused as her hands were.