El Chapo is one of the world’s most notorious drug lords and became the most wanted man in Mexico in 1993.

His criminal career began at just 15-years-old when he started to sell cocaine in a bid to support his poor family. In just a short time, the teen had made millions and not only did he provide for his entire family, but also built his mother a sprawling home in their hometown.

This went on for years and El Chapo managed to avoid prison by bribing officials and the police, that was until 1993. He was arrested and spent eight years in a high security Mexican prison, until he escaped.

During his time in prison, the drug lord didn’t live the life of a usual inmate.  He brought in cocaine and women and made the prison his very own 5-star hotel.

After a more recent arrest, the police raided his home and were shocked by what they found. Here are the photos that reveal just what El Chapo was hiding.