It’s been over thirty years since since they first shone on our screens, let’s take a moment to remember the Preppie Pin Ups (who were secretly worshipped by both the freaks and the geeks). Some of these actresses are still around, but with radically different images. Think Diane Lane, Demi Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Connelly, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Christina Applegate who’s careers carried on into the 90s and 00s. For others, the decade of big hair, spandex, neon, Day Glo, fedoras and band badges, marked their highlight.

Phoebe Cates Then

Phoebe impressed with her topless appearance in Fast Times At Ridgemont High which made her an iconic ’80s film girl who everybody crushed over. She did appear in a few more family-friendly shows such as the Gremlins.

Phoebe Cates Now

Phoebe retired from acting in 2001 with her last film being The Anniversary Party. She is married to Kevin Kline!