If you’re one of those organised Christmas shoppers, you’ve probably got all of your presents sorted and they’re now sitting in the cupboard waiting to be wrapped up in time for the big day.

For many people, gift wrapping is a dreaded task and for good reason as well. Every year, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to perfect a technique. You either don’t cut off enough paper and have to start all over or you end up with wonky corners and messy tape.

Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think though, as shown in these ingenious gift wrapping hacks that will transform the run up to Christmas; no longer will there be any putting wrapping off or stress surrounding the task.



1. Japan Gift Wrapping Hack

You’ve probably seen the Japanese gift wrapping video that has gained a lot of attention for how quick a store worker manages to wrap up an item. Being so quick, it is quite difficult to follow, but luckily BeatTheBush have slowed it down and created this easy to follow tutorial. Minimal selotape needed.


2. Gift Wrap Bag

Wrapping up things that come in boxes is relatively easy, but when it comes to awkward shaped presents, it can be a bit of a nightmare. This tutorial shows you how to create a gift bag out of wrapping paper – perfect for those last minute presents you’ve bough but have no gift bags for.


3. Knot-Wrap Bow

Want to try something a bit different this year? Why not take inspiration from Lush and use a scarf instead of gift wrap. It’s two presents in one, good for the environment and certainly looks beautiful placed beneath the christmas tree.


4. Green Gift Wrapping

For those of you looking to be a bit more eco-friendly or for anyone who’s ran out of wrapping paper at the last minute, this hack is for you. Use newspapers, magazines, even maps to wrap your gifts.

5. Crisp Packet Hack

If you’re really struggling and don’t even have a news paper lying around the house, then we suppose you could use crisp packets. Surprisingly, the finish result actually looks pretty good – just make sure you wash the packets before you wrap.