It’s been a whirlwind year for Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. The break up between him and Angelina Jolie made headline news for weeks when the once-perfect couple announced their split after 12 years together and two years of marriage.

With many scandalous rumours hitting the tabloids about why Mr & Mrs Pitt have called it quits, one even being that Brad himself was abusive to one of his children, it’s no surprise that the actor wanted to escape the madness for a while.

Over the Thanksgiving period, Brad whisked himself away to a secret holiday villa in the luscious Turks & Caicos, obviously devastated that he wasn’t spending the special occasion with his six children who were with Angelina.

Let’s take a look inside the luxurious villa in the coral islands where the iconic actor spent some time away recently – hey, we wouldn’t be complaining…


1. The Ideal Summer House

Brad’s luxury escape, which he enjoyed with a close friend, has this gorgeous swimming pool that’s overlooked by a bedroom pavillion and living room pavillion. The open deck area make the perfect setting to wind down and relax, which Brad definitely needed to do.