This holiday season, it’s all about getting together with your family, stuffing your faces with delicious food like mince pies and chocolate and settling down to watch your favourite shows on Netflix.

Whether you prefer binge-watching Stranger Things or getting into the festive spirit and watching the ultimate Christmas classic Home Alone, there is a multitude of shows and films to choose from. Hopefully you’ll find something everyone in the family will agree on.

Well Netflix have upped their game and are now allowing you to watch your favourite shows when you aren’t connected to the internet; you can watch them on the bus or train or even at your parent’s house where for some reason the signal is terrible.

Announcing the update last night via Twitter, Netflix said:

Similar to what Amazon Prime offers, where you can use the Amazon Video app to download TV shows and videos to your phone or tablet, you can download from Netflix and catch up on shows regardless of WiFi connection and without building up huge data charges.

The one difference between the two companies that makes Netflix stand out is that they have their hugely popular original series like House of Cards and Narcos available to download which puts them ahead of Amazon Prime

Without having to pay any extra on top of your usual monthly bill, you can now download shows and films onto either Android and iOS phones and tablets providing you have the latest version of the Netflix app.

In a recent blog post, Netflix explained that by going into the details page of a show or film you can click the download button to enable you to watch offline.

This update will be great news to a huge amount of their users who are now able to watch on the go, although we’re sure many people will be pretty disappointed to find out that Gilmore Girls isn’t available for download, though we’re sure Netflix will change that.

Thankfully with so many things to watch, you’ll be able to find something. We recommend their huge Christmas collection which is ideal for this time of year.