Flying can sometimes make us feel nervous, jet lagged and simply out of sync with our own bodies – which is no surprise since sitting on a plane for 12 hours isn’t exactly good for you.

Well, British Airways are currently investigating a pill that could take all of the negative aspects of flying away and really cater to a passenger’s experience.

These pills aren’t quite as far-fetched as they seem, in fact there are already some on the market. What BA are hoping to utilise them for is to ‘timeline the passenger’s optimal wellness’, and fight jetlag by controlling their sleep, eating and exercise patterns.

In a patent application published by the Intellectual Property Office, British Airways’ want to create a ‘system and method for controlling the travel environment for a passenger’.

The airline goes on to describe the extent of what they are visualising: ‘digital pills or other ingestible sensors that detect internal temperature, stomach acidity and other internal properties and wirelessly relay this information outside the passenger’s body’.

Whilst this isn’t going to be on your in-flight menu for a long while: US firm Proteus Digital Health do offer a kit that could be what British Airways are looking for.

The kit consists of an ingestible sensor that reacts on contact with stomach acid and operates using a patch and a smartphone app.

The original use for it was in hospitals to see if patients were responding to their medications but it seems that other industries now have the demand for the product.

A BA spokesperson said ‘We are always looking to deliver new innovations for our customers, whether it be in design or digital transformation. As such, we develop many ideas and submit many patents.’ So you never know, this new form of technology could be available very soon!

So, what do you think? Would you ever ingest a pill that could potentially make all of your flying mishaps go away forever?