In 1981, a baby’s life was changed forever when it was left abandoned in a dark alleyway – thankfully a cyclist passing by spotted the newborn in the street and took her to hospital.

Nurses placed a sign next to her crib saying ‘I know I’m somebody ’cause God don’t make no junk’, despite them having no idea who the little girl’s birth mother was and why she’d been left alone.

The Barnicoat family stepped in to adopt the baby and take her in as their own, giving her the new name of Janet.

As she grew older, Janet wanted to find out more about where she really came from, but she didn’t expect to make this shocking discovery…


1. Adopted Into A Loving Family

The Barnicoat family were over the moon when they welcomed baby Janet into their lives. They never gave much thought about what her life was like before they brought her into their home, but as she got older they thought it was only fair to tell her the truth about being abandoned in an alleyway.