It’s no surprise that Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards still gets comments about her former beau: Zayn Malik, after all, their relationship was highly publicised and both parties still remain in the public eye.

Even though the British singers have both moved on: Zayn is currently dating supermodel Gigi Hadid and Perrie is happily single, talks about their rough breakup are yet to diminish in the media.

To save her the heartache during interviews, Perrie wrote about the details of her relationship with the ex-One Direction singer in Little Mix’s tell-all book ‘Our World’, which informs us that Zayn actually ended the four-year relationship by text.

She might have thought that that would be the end of the whole situation for good, but it seems that some sneaky reporters continue to bring it up.

In a short clip that has been circulating on social media, Perrie is stood happily next to a reporter as he asks her a question and as she’s waiting for the translation, she realises that he said ‘he dumped her by text’ which clearly refers to her past relationship and must have really shocked her.

In what seems like an instant reaction, Perrie slaps the reporter around the face and walks off laughing.

Now, whilst no-one can condone violence, the pair do seem to both be laughing at the situation so maybe it was all just some harmless fun? Decide for yourselves…