American sitcom Gilligan’s Island was a real success when it burst onto our screens in the 1960s.

Despite it never capturing the attention of critics, the show built a dedicated fanbase and always had high ratings for the three seasons that it aired.

Fans were left heartbroken when the show was unexpectedly axed before the fourth season could be made. CBS had to make room for other shows such as Gunsmoke in their schedule. As far was we know, Gilligan and the other guys are still stranded near the Pacific.

There have been several remakes and tribute programs since the sitcom was cut in 1967, but the original series will always remain to be the best.

Here are some real-life behind the scene drama from when the ’60s show was being filmed.


1. What Is Gilligan’s Real Name?


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The protagonist of the show Gilligan is never referred to by his first name, which is actually Willy! The name Gilligan was selected at random from the LA telephone directory. Bob Denver, the actor who played the lead role, insisted that his character was to always be called Gilligan not Willy.