We can’t deny that whenever we hear of Sarah Jessica Parker, we think of her as her character in Sex and the City. It was an iconic show and our love for Carrie Bradshaw and the rest of the girls is ever-lasting.

Having related to Bradshaw at least once or twice in our lives, from swearing on designer bags and choosing shoes over more important bills, we just can’t let the character go.

And it seems that’s also the case for SJP. Bringing her on-screen character to life, the actress will be launching a new line of books just like Carrie did in the show.


Sarah famously played a writer in the HBO show, who was obsessed with the smell of books, and the actress is just as much of a fan of them as Carrie was.

In a statement she said “People have tried to bottle the smell of old books, but it’s the most elusive thing, like trying to recreate a great story. You can’t, which is what makes it special.”

The actress will be the editorial director for SJP at Hogarth Publishing and will be finding, editing and publishing three to four new novels a year.

The actress admitted that her passion, besides acting, is reading.

“I have always loved to read for the same reason I love to act, which is that other people’s stories are more interesting to me than my own.”

“As a lifelong book lover, as someone who treasures and admires the skill and talent of original and powerful storytellers it is my great privilege to be invited into the world and business of books.”

 “It’s especially thrilling to join those who serve the rich history that is Hogarth. I so look forward to offering to readers the sort of books that have inspired my life-long devotion to the written word.”

The new venture of Parker’s came about after a meeting with Molly Stern – the head honcho of Hogarth, who said:

“From the moment we met, I was drawn to Sarah Jessica’s extraordinary passion for books and her natural instinct for what makes for great writing. The Hogarth editorial team and I cannot wait to partner with her as she brings her excellent taste and infectious enthusiasm to bear in support of both writers and reading.”

SJP will “selectively publish high-quality works of fiction by both established writers and distinctive emerging voices with critical and commercial promise, with its first list anticipated to debut in 2018.”

We’re certainly excited to see what will be on offer and we just hope that Sarah Jessica Parker will still have time in between her new role for the SATC reunion we so desperately want.