Toy Story is arguably one of the best Disney films there has ever been and it will go down in history as a classic – it even managed to become a trilogy of huge success.

However, there is a new fan theory about Toy Story that may well make you cry and change your perception of the film, and one character in particular, completely.

Thanks to a film review site and one fan with an eye for detail, something has been brought to our attention and we’re shocked we didn’t notice earlier. All of the clues were right in front of us all along – or on Andy’s head to be precise.

In Toy Story, those of you who are particularly observant may have noticed that Andy often wears a cowboy hat, but one that surprisingly doesn’t match that of his toy pal Woody like you would have expected it to.

In fact, the hat looks much more similar to the one worn by cowgirl Jessie – who we meet in Toy Story 2.

Both Jessie and Woody are 1950s collectors toys, but whilst Woody can’t remember much of life before living with Andy, Jessie remembers hers clearly. In the film, she recalls a girl named Emily, her previous owner who eventually outgrew her and left her in a box on the side of the road.

Jessie explains what her previous owner and life before joining Stinky Pete and Bullseye was like to Woody. In some of the flashback clips, we see psychedelic decor and an old record player, which suggests she lived with Emily in the 60s and 70s.

On Emily’s bed lies a life-sized version of Jessie’s hat, remarkably similar to the one that Andy wore when he was a child.

The theory suggests that it is possible that Andy’s mum is the same Emily who outgrew Jessie. And whilst she may have got rid of her Jessie doll, she couldn’t part with her cowgirl hat. Instead kept it and eventually passed it down to her son – along with her love of the wildwest maybe?

It’s just a theory, but quite a plausible one. We just can’t believe Andy’s mum may have actually abandoned Jessie.