We couldn’t quite believe the hype on social media surrounding Alicia Keys when she stepped onto the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet with a completely bare face.

People had divided opinions on her choice, either stating that she should be wearing make-up at such a glamorous event whereas others were seriously rating the Grammy-winning singer on her confidence to go bare-faced.

Well, regardless of Alicia’s intentions, it seems that she’s actually started a trend and not just anyone is following it – the most famous woman in reality television decided to follow in her footsteps.

Kim Kardashian decided to go au natural for the Balenciaga fashion show at Paris Fashion Week and regardless of whether you’re into make-up or not, you have to admit that Kimmy K can seriously rock the look…

Her striking features and totally high-fashion outfit meant that she didn’t need make-up to enhance her appearance – she completely owned the red carpet being her natural self – just like Alicia Key’s did.

We can definitely see this becoming a worldwide trend soon enough and even though we’re super excited to see the likes of our favourite celebrities bare their natural faces – we hope that it gives girls the confidence to feel comfortable both in and out of make-up.