It’s no lie that trick or treat-ing at the scary houses is always the best part of the night – the awesome decorations and the choice of candy is always so vast!

Now, whilst we’re used to the standard pumpkins, cobwebs and fake ghouls, there is one halloween decoration that we’ll never get to see this year because it’s actually been banned.

image source: Scary Peepers

image source: Scary Peepers

That’s right, this seemingly innocent (but totally creepy when you think about it) trick decoration has been recalled in shops in Canada because it’s ‘too scary’.

Customers from the store complained about the scary peeper mask deeming it ‘inappropriate and makes light of a real-life, sinister issue that women face in our society.’

Sources from the company behind the product made a statement to apologise for offending consumers with their creepy decoration, stating:

‘We agree that this is not in line with our core values, and when we heard, took immediate action and are currently in the process of removing this product from our assortment.
We’ve reached out to advise the customer of our actions and apologise. We’re sorry for any offence that was caused.’
Of course, we can all understand why this creepy mask has been banned and customers will be glad to know that they will never have to see it’s eerie face ever again!