It’s something that terrifies us as young children. We can’t wait to get down to the beach and cool down in the sea. Nothing can get us in the car quicker! But then we remember the one terrifying thing getting between us and having a good time at the beach – sharks!

The dangerous creatures of the sea have been known to attack people in all sorts of incidents around the world, but the fact remains that it’s very unlikely any of you will ever actually be attacked by one of these ruthless, or just misunderstood creatures.

Here are some real life stories of people who were part of that very unlucky minority who did find literally find themselves faced with this blood curling scenario.


1. The First Known Survivor

A famous painting by by John Singleton Copley was commissioned to commemorate the story of Brook Watson who was a 14-year-old boy working on a trading ship that got attacked by a shark. He was swimming with crew members in the port of Havanna, Cuba, when a nearby shark decided that he could be a tasty meal. The shark bit Watson’s leg and although he did go on to lose his leg, he did survive thanks to his crew members coming to his aid. We’re surprised they managed to keep him alive as this was back in 1749, so medicine wasn’t what it is today.