Pimp My Ride hit our TV screens in 2004, with rapper Xzibit and the West Coast Customs team pimping out people’s down and out cars.

After finding out about the deep, dark secrets and truths about the show, we’ve decided to delve into the good, the bad and the down right ugly transformations from the iconic car show.

Here are 20 of the best and the worst cars from Pimp My Ride.

1986 Buick Century With A Jackhammer

A guy named Jason contacted the show with a 1986 Buick and West Coast Customs soon got to work! They ripped out the backseat and replaced it with a 300 lb subwoofer…logical.

The jackhammer subwoofer required eight batteries, all with their own amp and steel support brace, as well as a dB meter to prevent hearing damage. In the end it was capable of 120 dB of bass which is actually louder than a jet plane. This was definitely one of the worst transformations.

1955 Chevy Bel Air Goes Classy

Jekera’s Chevy was one of the most realistic pimps ever and ended up being one of the best cars the team ever worked on. They scaled back on the gimmicks and just gave the classic car some really cool customs with jaw-dropping results.


The Fiery 1967 Mustang

In the very first season of Pimp My Ride the WCC gang decided to make a pretty sweet Mustang shoot flames out of the exhaust because why not, right? They did this by diverting gas from the engine to the exhaust tips and igniting it – causing it to throw flames at the push of a button. However they later found out this was in fact illegal, meaning they had to remove their hot handy work.

1985 Ford Econoline With A Hot Tub And Skylight

This Ford Econoline van was turned into a players dream. The old banger was pimped out with a lounge and flat screens, not only this but there was a jacuzzi fitted. Because of all of the extra weight, the WCC had to add A LOT of rear suspension to support the hot tub.


1991 Ford Escort Becomes A BMW

This was one of the strangest customisations in the history of the show. The West Coast Customs guys took a girls standard Escort and turned it into a BMW. It was super imaginative, however it all seems a little unnecessary.

The Silver Surfer 1991 Honda CRX

The CRX was thought of as one of the most unsafe cars ever, but this one was given a Silver Surfer paint job and giant trunk-based speaker box – making it pretty badass.


1981 Trans Am That Got Fancy

This was another killer episode where the WCC just had total fun on a car. The car owner was a classy lady so a chandelier was added – setting the bar high for all pimping that followed.

1989 Need For Speed Nissan 240SX

Gamers everywhere were drooling over this replace of the famous unlockacble car from Need For Speed 2: Underground.


The Deadly 1970 Cadillac

The paint job on this 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood was impressive – the velvet look purple, the airbrushed skulls. But this was all over shone by the coffin come grill that slid out of the back of the hearse style car. Meaning the owner could now grill a burger, in a coffin, in his own car.

A 2003 Toyota Corolla With A Difference

When this guys Carolla hit the garage it was in a a pretty bad way. It had damage from accidents and the car couldn’t even reverse. In a ditch attempt to stop the owner crashing, Mad Mike added LCD monitors into the fenders.

However the best part of this transformation was the aftermath. The owner not only wrecked the car before it was transformed, he also wrecked the pimped car – and to make things even worse, he also wrecked the rental car they gave him during filming.


The Stolen 1965 El Camino

The most shocking part of this story was the fact that the El Camino was actually stolen. Still the car got pimped out with screens, satellite TV, a cutting board and a new  engine.

1965 Ford Thunderbird With Pink Burnouts

Not only was this T-bird fitted with some pretty sweet Kumiko racing tyres, the GAS team also gave the car pink burnouts. The system dusted the tyres with pink coloured chalk, allowing the smoke to change colours.


A Chevrolet Caprice Police Car With Built In Skate Park

The concept for this build was carried the entire way through the car, but making this transformation even more brilliant and ironic was the fact it was an ex-cop car being turned into a skate park.

It included an automatically extending grind rail and floodlights in the trunk – a skaters paradise.

1976 AMC Pacer You Had To Love

This was an example of when the show possibly went a bit too far. Owner Jessica’s Pacer was given a canary yellow paint scheme, along with a canvas roof, a yellow shag carpet interiors, solar panels on the spoiler and as she was a nutritionist; a juicer in the trunk…facepalm.


A Total Toyota T100 Makeover

So this was probably the hardest job the crew ever had. A kid turned up with a truck that had literally been stripped to it’s chassis. All the team had to work with was seats, an engine and wheels making it the best before and after ever on the show.

The 1972 Land Cruiser Come Yoga Studio

Gabriella, a yoga instructor, had a Land Cruiser that was anything but zen. It was completely failing and didn’t even have any doors. But the boys from West Coast set about the revamp giving the truck a new paint job and, of course, new doors. They also added a fountain in-between the seats, a brand new sound system and a bamboo floor – all perfect for a yogi. Xzibit even sent Gabriella on a 3-day yoga retreat.


The Handfixed 1989 Nissan 240SX

Originally the owner of this car had performed all the work on it himself. But eventually the tape that was holding it together failed, meaning it was time to call Xzibit. The crew installed six screens, three X-box’s, neon lights to the underneath of the car and inside the car. Xzibit was feeling extra kind and even gave the guy 13 new games to play on his new in-car gaming system.

A 1974 Chevy That Needed Luv

When this Chevy Luv rolled into the shop, it was falling apart. The WCC got to work and traded in the faded yellow for some blue pearl flames up the hood.


A 1988 Daihatsu Hi-Jet

In the 101st episode, the West Coast Custom guys got their hands on a Daihatsu Hi-Jet, the car of an 18-year-old guy named Wyatt. They gave it a banging paint job, a mini-fridge, a DVD player and a guitar amp. However they added so many electronics to the van, it actually needed a new battery system to support them.

The Volkswagen Bus

When a windowless Volkswagen bus rolled into Pimp My Ride, no one was sure what was going to happen. The WCC guys added wooden floor, a vinyl tweed couch, a smoothie machine and a clothes dryer. There was also a super cool automated surfboard rack installed onto the roof and of course a brand new surfboard thrown in too. Just when you thought this bus couldn’t be improved anymore, they also added a 40-inch LCD TV and Playstation 2 in too!