In the early 2000’s Pimp My Ride was huge on MTV – famous for turning people’s boring, less than average cars into super machines with mod cons only James Bond could dream of.

Well it’s been nearly 10 years since the show left our screens and it turns out it wasn’t all as it seemed.

Ex-contestants from the show have taken to Reddit to expose some of the secrets that went on behind the scenes.

Prepare for your Pimp My Ride bubble to be burst.


/u/jaaaaake with a 1986 Buick Century


This is a photo of the car before Xzibit got his hands on it. He explained that even though the show seems staged, when the producers actually came to the door, it was all a surprise.

“Element Of Surprise”


“It was a place owned by one of the crew members,” jaaaaake wrote on Reddit.

“I was actually surprised when Xzibit showed up to the door, because up until that point everyone with MTV had led me to believe that I was merely ‘one of 5 finalists’ and that it was just practice to see how I would react if it was Xzibit at the door .When it was, I knew it was real. So even though a lot is for show, there definitely was an element of surprise maintained for certain moments.”

Did They Fix Or Just Pimp?


Although some of the upgrades were cool, if not a little impractical, the show didn’t actually fix the mechanical issues with the car.

“They didn’t do a damn thing with any of the mechanical issues,” he wrote.

“That was why I sold it immediately.”

Xzibit Is Cool


However he did get to chill out with Xzibit.

“Xzibit was very chill. We probably shared 3 entire bags of Fiery Hot Cheetos. Very kind. Also, Mad Mike helped me out with some problems I had with the car a couple weeks after I got it back from the shop.”

Putting The Car On Ebay Banned


However /u/jaaaaake explained that he had to sign an agreement to say he wouldn’t put the car onto eBay – but he tried anyway. But Viacom contacted him three hours later, forcing him to take it down.

Eventually he was able to sell the car, making a cool profit.

“I originally purchased the car for 500 bucks,” he wrote. “Sold it for $18,000.”

Six Months Pimpin’


While the show seems to transform the cars in a matter of days, the truth is the ‘pimping’ actually took around 6 months. The Reddit user said the show rented him a Mitsubishi Lancer.

Controversial Gifts


Another contestant also took to the sharing site to explain he didn’t like some of the aspects of production.

“I know I’m fat, but they went the extra mile to make me look extra fat by telling the world that I kept candy all over my seat and floor just in case I got hungry,” he wrote.

“Then gave me a cotton candy machine in my trunk.”

More Mechanical Issues


Seth was another contestant who’s car had severe mechanical issues that weren’t addressed by the show.

“I wanted to be on the show to have a nice looking car, but more than that I wanted a car that worked,” Seth wrote.

“I didn’t get that from them.”

Couldn’t Drive It


Seth’s experience didn’t get much better.

“I couldn’t drive it right away. It was basically a polished turd.”It sat until I saved up 1700 bucks to put a new engine in it.

After that I drove it for a month before someone hit me and totaled it.”

Towed Away


“The insurance bought me a truck. I held onto it as long as I could but eventually I didn’t have anywhere to store it so I parked it in front of a friend’s house and it got towed.”

Pulled Over By The Cops


Justin was another “Pimp My Ride” contestant, who got a lot of attention on Reddit.

“I was chased on freeways, while being stopped, people would come up and have a full blown conversation about the episode,” he wrote.

“Cops would pull me over every day just to see the car.”

Xzibit is Still Cool


Like all of the other contestants, Justin also agreed that Xzibit was a good guy.

“A lot of people asked why they didn’t do more. ‘Pimp My Ride’ is known for doing more, such as a lot of TVs everywhere.

I had 2 headrest TVs and that was it. I’m not complaining, but my friends complained.”

Extra Damage


The show also accentuated the damage to his car as they wanted to make it look worse.

“They removed my front bumper enhanced the dent on the side of my car.”

Burnt Out


To make things even worse, the car eventually burned out…literally.

“My SO and I were on our way to grab some food, and as we were going down the hill, the sound system popped and shut down.

So we turned around and pulled over as soon as we saw smoke.

Extra Cigarettes


One contestant told MTV that his Mother had smoked in the car a couple of times, so the producers threw an extra few dozen cigarettes into the car before filming.

He said: recites how MTV staff threw ”It made her just look like a total disgusting person.”

Deteriating Paint Job


Another remembers how the MTV staff actually added aircraft remover to the exterior of his car to help deteriorate the paint job.

Pieces To Camera


At the start of every episode, each vehicle owner would tell the camera a bit about themselves and their background.

This was all scripted by MTV.

Xzibit’s Car


Despite hosting a show about pimped out vehichles, presenter Xzibit was leasing a 2006 Range Rover for $2,230 a month, during filming.

Xzibit’s Salary


In 2007, Xzibit earned $497,175 for starring in “Pimp My Ride.” But after the show was canceled, his income plummeted to $67,510 in 2008.

Xzibit Is Broke

Alvin Joiner & Xzibit

In 2009, Xzibit filed for bankruptcy and blamed the cancellation of Pimp my Ride as the reason for misfortune.

In 2011, it was reported that Xzibit owed nearly $1million.