Even though our parents wouldn’t like us to admit it – McDonald’s was a huge part of our childhood.

Happy Meals were the go-to choice and that’s because the toys were the bomb – however we can’t help but think the gifts were better back in the 90s.

Here are 26 of the most epic toys that were available in the ’90s.

Disney Masterpiece Collection (1996)

“Hercules” Action Figures (1997)

Bobby’s World (1994)

Sky Dancers (1997)

“Mighty Ducks” Sliding Pucks (1997)


Muppet Treasure Island (1996)


Tamagotchi Keychains (1998)


“Space Jam” Plush Toys (1996)


“101 Dalmatians” Figures (1997)


Yo Yogi (1992)

“Tarzan” Action Figures (1999)


Amazing Wildlife (1995)

Batman Car Figures (1992)



Good FUNdamentals Food Figures (1993)


Mini Furbies (1999)


“Lion King II” Stuffed Toys (1998)


Potato Head Kids (1992)


McDino Changeables (1991)


“Inspector Gadget” Body Parts (1999)


Tiny Toons Flip Cars (1991)


Halloween McNugget Buddies (1993)


Teenie Beanie Babies (1997)


Spiderman Figures (1995)

“Babe” Plush Animals (1996)


“The Little Mermaid” Floating Toys (1997)


McDonald’s Animal Pals (1997)