Despite it becoming one of the most commercially successful cartoons to air on TV (it’s still going strong 27 seasons and over 25 years later), it wasn’t always headed for the same direction as many parents opposed the show because of the racy jokes writers included in the episodes.

Surely it’s the best of both worlds really – the kids love watching the show and the inappropriate remarks fly right over their little heads, whilst the adults can giggle to themselves and laugh at the naughty innuendos included. Everybody wins!

We can guarantee that you didn’t pick up on at least some of these dirty jokes included in the hit American TV show…

1. Subtle


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Don’t touch it Homer.

2. So Selfish Bart


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This conversation happens a lot in adult life, we’re sure.

3. She Looks Less Disappointed Than The Last


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She’s obviously really great at hoovering, right?

4. Cheeky Political Remark


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Really cheeky.

5. Those Damn Snakes, They Are All So Different


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We don’t know Homer, do whatever you think is right.

6. Brutal


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Seriously, she probably is.

7. Didn’t Think That Was His Thing


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If you insist, Ned…

8. It Happens To The Best Of Us


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Homer obviously sees two sets of eyes.

9. Everyone Does It


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Life gets hard sometimes.

10. Awks


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Like, really awks.

11. A Footlong, Because A 6″ Sub Is Never Enough


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But only when you’re old enough, Bart!


12. Those Damn Signs


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Those signs really do need replacing…

13. Your Safe In Their Hands


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Come on in.

14. There’s Just Something About Sea-Men


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We’re not sure we agree.

15. Too Bad Bro


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Don’t you just hate false advertising!?


16. Just Came Out


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Once it’s out in the open, there’s no going back.

17. Playing With Sexism


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Whilst they were playing with fire with this one, they are also challenging gender roles too, which is half good, right?