Gaming has come a long way since the 90s in more ways than one and with the rise of virtual reality on the horizon it seems it’s got a lot further to go.

But wasn’t it all a little more fun and juvenile when the graphics were bad and the controllers had cables.

Here are 28 moments you will remember if you played Nintendo in the 90s…

Messing up your car by running into the sides of Mute City in F-Zero and healing yourself with the “WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP” lane.

Using Chun-Li in Street Fighter 2 and mashing kick to mess up some poor dude’s car.

Getting to the heart-pounding CHALLENGER APPROACHING screen in Super Smash Bros .

Throwing Foot Soldiers at the screen in Turtles in Time.

Accidentally getting hit in Yoshi’s Island and hearing Baby Mario yelp “UWAA” until you caught him.

Peppy telling you to “DO A BARREL ROLL” in Star Fox 64.

Running around like an idiot trying not to fall off the Island OR get hit by bombs in this frustrating Mario Party minigame.

Grabbing Bowser’s tail and taking him for a ride in Super Mario 64 .

Knocking Mewtwo down to his last bit of health in Pokemon Red and Blue and burning every Ultra Ball you had catching the bastard.

Unless you used a Master Ball, which was basically cheating.

Getting the Hadouken power-up in Mega Man X .

Being put on trial for kidnapping in Chrono Trigger .

Clawing your way to first place on Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 64 , only to get hit by a blue shell.

And then falling off the race course because you had just banked a turn.


Hearing Mallow say he was a tadpole in Super Mario RPG .


Spending HOURS stretching this goofy face on the opening screen of Super Mario 64 .

Hearing the Jinjo noise in Banjo-Kazooie and then running frantically around a level to find the damn thing.

Meeting Yoshi after collecting 120 Stars in Super Mario 64 and then being intensely disappointed you couldn’t ride him.

The time Final Fantasy III/VI had an opera scene, but no voice acting.

“Wuu WUU wuu wuuuuuu WUUUUU” —Celes

Feeling invincible when you had both a Yoshi AND a cape in Super Mario World .

Aging seven years in Ocarina of Time and emerging to find Hyrule a ghost town infested with screeching ReDeads.

Spending hours playing the Sushi Go Round minigame in Pokémon Stadium with four friends.

Going out into the dark on a stormy night in A Link to the Past to find your uncle dying in this dungeon.

Dying over and over again on the mine cart levels in Donkey Kong Country (or really, any of the levels in that game).

Shooting wildly at a crouching Oddjob in multiplayer GoldenEye 007 .

Naturally, you had paintball mode on.

Mr. Wright freaking out because Bowser was rampaging through your SimCity .

Going back to 600 A.D. for the first time in Chrono Trigger and meeting Frog.

Getting to the end of Link’s Awakening and learning everything had just been a dream.

Getting the Sword power in Kirby Super Star and feeling like the Hero of Hyrule.

Running frantically up and around the walls when facing this boss in Contra III: The Alien Wars.