From Edward ScissorhandsHome Alone and Clueless, the decade of the ’90s brought us so many brilliant films that we still sit down and enjoy today even years later. Films in the ’90s defined and built the careers of so many influential actors we know at the moment, such as Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and many more.

You’ve probably seen most, if not all, of these iconic ’90s movies, but check out some never-before-seen photographs of the cast and crew off camera and behind the scenes on set. It will leave you feeling super nostalgic and make you want to dig out your old VCR to watch them all on…

1. That Thing You Do


Tom Hanks starred as Mr. White in the musical-drama That Thing You Do in 1996! Hanks brings the band ‘The Wonders’ on tour in the fun-filled film. Here he is backstage making the most of the props!

2. A League Of Their Own


1992 saw the release of the movie A League Of Their Own telling the fictional story of  All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Madonna, who played Mae Mordabito as centre-field position, is pictured behind-the-scenes with the director Penny Marshall.

3. Titanic


Titanic is one of the most iconic films to come out of the ’90s. It’s rare we get to see anything from behind the scenes of the movie, but here is Kate Winslet, who played Rose, and her on-screen lover Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack being instructed by the talented director of the film James Cameron.

4. The Parent Trap


We all remember this crazy scene from The Parent Trap starring Lindsay Lohan who played both twins. Filming this prank scene must have taken a lot of work so it’s funny to see behind the scenes action of making the prank happen!

5. Scream


Scream is one of the most legendary American horror films to come out of the ’90s. Drew Barrymore actually put herself forward to be involved in the film when she heard about it, and got given the role of Casey Becker when the original choice for her to be the lead part of Sidney Prescott didn’t work out. Here is Drew behind the scenes with Wes Craven the director.

7. Edward Scissorhands


The 1990 American dark-romantic film is still just as popular today thanks to Tim Burton’s success. Here Tim is behind the scenes taking with Winona Ryder who played the lead role of teenage girl Kim Boggs.

8. Notting Hill


Notting Hill is one of the best British romantic films in history. The 1999 film won many awards due to its success and how well it was received. Hugh Grant played Will, the bookstore owner, who falls in love with superstar Anna Scott aka Julia Roberts. Here the two famous actors talk through the script with director Roger Michell.

9. Spice World


The Spice Girls were all what the decade of the ’90s was about. All their fans were super happy when they made the movie Spice World giving us all an insight into their girlband lifestyle. Here ‘Scary Spice’ Mel B and ‘Sporty Spice’ Mel C hang out behind the scenes.

10. Thelma & Louise


Thelma & Louise was a great film of the ’90s seeing two friends embark on a rather disastrous road trip! Here the members of the main cast and talented actors Michael Madsen, Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis chat with director Ridley Scott away from filming.

11. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein


The 1994 American horror film saw the adaptation of Mary Shelley’s iconic novel Frankenstein. Robert de Niro was given the all-important role of the creation aka the ‘monster’. Here he is getting made up by make up artists into his scary character before filming!

12. Toys


Despite the impressive cast, Toys didn’t do too well in the box office when it was released in 1992. This was one of Robin Williams fun roles as he played the childish Leslie Zevo who tried to save his father’s toy store after he dies. Here Robin is pictured with the producer of the film Mark Johnson.

13. Shakespeare In Love


Shakespeare In Love told the fictional love affair of William Shakespeare with Viola de Lesseps whilst the playwright was writing his famous play ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Respectable actress Judi Dench played Elizabeth I of England in the film, and is pictured behind the scenes here getting her impressive hair done.

14. Batman Returns


The second instalment of the Batman film series came in 1992 with Batman Returns. Director Tim Burton chats to the lead parts Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Keaton during filming.

15. Space Jam


Sports comedy film Space Jam was released in 1996, and starred famous basketball player Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes cartoon characters! Here Jordan is captured behind the scenes with Bob Bergen who voiced a few of the cartoon characters, including Marvin the Martian, Porky Pig and Tweety Pie.

16. The Addams Family


We all remember The Addams Family from the 1990s! Here Raul Julia is photographed with ‘the thing’ on his head whilst director Barry Sonnenfeld dictates the scene.

17. How Stella Got Her Groove Back


This 1998 rom-com was everything you’d expect from the novel’s adaptation. Director Kevin Rodney Sullivan (pictured middle) cast some hilarious and talented actors/actresses, including none other than Whoopi Goldberg (left), as well as Angela Bassett (right).

18. Clueless


Every teenage girl has to watch Clueless at some point in their lives. It still remains one of the best chick-flicks since it came out in 1995. Stacey Dash who played Dionne Davenport, hangs out behind between filming with Alicia Silverstone who played main it-girl Cher (best friends with Stacey), and the director of the film Amy Heckerling.

19. Pocahontas


Disney film Pocahontas came out in 1995. Here is the art director of the animated film Michael Giaimo behind the scenes creating the sketches and moulds of the animated characters to appear onscreen.

20. Pretty Woman


Pretty Woman herself Julia Roberts cuddles up the director of the iconic romance film Garry Marshall.

21. Home Alone


Cutie Macaulay Culkin, who is the fact of the classic Christmas films Home Alone as Kevin, talks with the director of the movie Chris Columbus off camera.