Snapchat has become insanely popular since it started a few years back.

And it has recently become even better with the funny features it has that can make rainbows appear out of your mouth and other hilarious and bizarre goings on!

Whilst we spend most our time now snapping our friends what we’re about to have to eat, or annoyingly videoing your night out on the town, we can’t help but wonder what it would have been like if Snapchat existed years ago.

If you were a teen growing up in the 90s, then you will more than relate to these throwback snapchats.

From snapping your latest addition to your Troll Doll collection, to the new colours you just got added to your braces, having Snapchat back then would’ve been pretty awesome.

Check out these 20 snaps that you definitely would’ve sent if you had Snapchat when you were growing up…

1. This Amazing Bubblegum Roll


Everyone remembers these blue or red rolls of fun! This person clearly didn’t understand how to eat them though…

2. This Cassette Issue


Those were the days of listening to your fave pop stars on your cassette player until one day the tape got absolutely destroyed!

3. This Fortune Teller


If only Snapchat was available to let us show our friends the cool paper fortune teller we’d just made…

4. This Straw Problem


They were everyone’s favourite lunchtime drink, but the struggle was so real when the straw didn’t cooperate.

5. This Troll Doll


Every 90s kid owned one of these scarily cute dolls.

6. This Horrible Realisation


No one wanted to find Britney’s CD scratched! If only we could Snapchat our friends the horrible experience we were going through.

7. This Key Moment


We all went through the Claire’s Accessories experience coming out with shiny new studs to show off at school.

8. This Horrible Snake Moment


When Snake just got the better of you…

9. This Trendy Shoe


The shoe that defined our teens! Our Snapchat friends would’ve been so impressed if we put this on our story.

10. This Legendary Drink


Those were the days when Smirnoff Ice was the ultimate party drink.

11. This Amazing Snack


These amazing Dairylea Dunkers were every 90s child’s favourite snack.

12. This Must Read


Every 90s girl has a special place in her heart for Jacqueline Wilson!

13. This Typical Supermarket Trip


Frubes and Daireylea Dunkers… Those were the days!

14. This Fashion Moment


The snapchat’s to your friends now definitely wouldn’t involve 90s’ disco dresses like this.

15. This Non Uniform Excitement


The school days where you secretly judged everyone for their non-uniform choices…

16. This Emotional Moment


For every 90s teen with braces, don’t you wish you could have updated your Snapchat pals on your latest brace colours?

17. This Amazing Game


We all thought MASH was genuinely telling us how our future lives were going to turn out.

18. This TV Show


We are more likely to be snapchatting the latest Netflix series now, but we definitely would’ve sent this to our friends back in the 90s.

19. This Ancient Phone Book

When the days of iPhones and the internet just didn’t exist…

20. This Frustrating Moment


Thank god we don’t have to put up with this problem anymore.

21. This Painful Screen


The struggle was definitely real when this popped up on our PC.