It has been reported that 24-year-old Jade Thirwall, one quarter of superstar girl-group Little Mix, has been in talks about playing Princess Jasmine in the live-action remake of Aladdin.

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With the surge of Disney remakes making their way to our screens, it was only a matter of time until Aladdin made the cut.

British director Guy Ritchie announced that he would be the creative mind to bring one of our favourite animated movies to life.

The most important question is, who will be playing all of the iconic roles?

According to the media, Will Smith has already been approached to play the role of Genie.

There hasn’t been any rumours of who would play the main man Aladdin himself, but Princess Jasmine is the character that everyone has been talking about.

In March, a casting call was made for Middle-Eastern actors to audition for the lead roles of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine and the producers were looking at potential talent from the ages of 18-25.

Since South Shields-born Jade is 24-years-old and and of Yemeni and Egyptian ancestry from her mom’s side, it seemed like fate that the singer should land the role.

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After all, the X-Factor winner can already sing, dance, act and would completely rock the Princess Jasmine turquoise crop-top and harem pants number.

Not only that but the “Power” singer is an obsessed Disney fan. She recently got back from a trip to Disney World Orlando where she documented every step of her magical experience.

She has also stated many times before that Princess Jasmine is her favourite Disney princess. Being able to play her must seem like an almost-dream come true.

Since the role will likely take up a lot of her schedule, according to insiders, she and fellow Little Mix members; Perrie, Jesy and Leigh-Anne have had emotional talks but ultimately, they want Jade to follow her dreams.

They said,

“Jasmine is Jade’s perfect role, so she’s delighted to have got this far in the process. The talks have been going on for some time now.”

“And the longer they go on, the better her chances are looking. All of the girls have their fingers crossed for her, as they always support each other.”

“But they also know that it would be a huge commitment.”

Since nothing has been confirmed as of yet, we will simply have to wait and see if Little Mix’s Jade has landed the role of a lifetime.

Little Mix are currently on their Glory Days world tour until November 26 this year.

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