21 “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” Facts That Are More Shocking Than Their Divorce

Posted on Sep 22 2016 - 2:44pm by Elle Money
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Everyone’s talking about the recent divorce between Hollywood power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

No one saw it coming, and after the release of Mr. & Mrs Smith in 2005, we thought their love would last forever.

Just like we missed the signs leading to their breakup, there are a lot of secrets about the movie that you might not know.

Fear not – here are 21 facts about the film that are even juicer than the rumours surrounding their split.


While publicising her new movie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Angelina Jolie (who actually prefers to be called Angie) claimed to have different lovers. She never named them, but could one of them been Brad?

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