All you ladies out there will know just how crazy our group chats can be: from drunken night out stories to the biggest slagging off sessions, they definitely aren’t for the faint-hearted.

As you can imagine, it came as a big surprise to Luke, an IT worker from London, when he got added to a mysterious WhatsApp group named: ‘Nikki’s Hen Do’.

Now, any regular guy would just own up that they’ve obviously got the wrong number – but no, not Luke – he decided that pretending to be a tequila-loving party girl nicknamed ‘Anna the Slamma’ would be a much better idea.

Luke actually spent two days acting out his alter ego in this hilarious exchange.

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image source: Luke Price

Unfortunately, Anna the Slamma got rumbled when the groups admin rang ‘her’ number and was greeted by Luke’s answerphone message…awkward!

Luke explained to LadBible that even though Anna is no more, he’d still love to be involved in the hen party festivities somehow: “I’d love to see if we could get the ladies some vouchers or something.”

We’re sure they’d appreciate it Anna…we mean, Luke!