It’s hard enough finding someone to be your bae in the real world, and endless hours are wasted on Tinder in the hope of bagging yourself a soulmate (excluding those who are looking for something a little less, er, committed).

So imagine how hard it is for singletons trying to find their one and only in the world of Hollywood? There simply isn’t a way of having a ‘casual first date’ that you can brush off if it goes horrendously bad, so instead, some of them opt to stay single because it’s easier, and they prefer it that way!


1. Margot Robbie

According to the blonde bombshell, her type is “regular” guys. In an interview with talk show host Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet, she said that she didn’t think it was likely she would find anyone that night because she’s not into actors. Move aside Hollywood Hunks, she just isn’t not interested.