105-Year-Old Woman’s Birthday Wish Comes True In The Most Amazing Way

Posted on Aug 22 2016 - 3:13pm by Abi Smith

On her 105th birthday one woman made the same wish she had for the past decade. The only difference this year, however, was that her dream finally came true.

105-year-old Ivena Smailes asked for something you would expect to come from someone over half her age, but she says that you are never too old for a bit of excitement in your life. She even goes by the infamous Spice Girls saying “Spice up your life.”

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Ivena shocked her family when she said her birthday wish was for a “fireman with tattoos” to deliver her birthday cake.

But, at last, her nearest and dearest answered her prayers and made her dreams come true.

The pensioner, who is also known as “Aunty Ivy,” is a resident at Addison Court Care Home in Crawcrook, Tyne and Wear, UK, and is quite the character – unless you hadn’t already guessed.

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When she first requested this special birthday present many years ago she was left disappointed that no such hunk turned up on her doorstep. However, her family clearly felt that this incredible lady deserved to celebrate reaching the grand old age of 105.

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Family members say that she was completely gobsmacked and amazed when a fireman suddenly climbed through her third floor window and presented her with a Victoria sponge cake – her favourite. As you can see from the clips above, ecstatic doesn’t even come close.

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“She’s got a fantastic sense of humour,” said care home worker Debra Carter. “On her bucket list this year she wanted a cake delivered by a fireman with tattoos. For her birthday last year she tried to get us to climb a tree. She always tries to find something we can’t do.”

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Now that she has checked this heart-racing event off the list, we can’t wait to see what crazy idea she concocts for her friends and family next year. We can only hope it is something just as entertaining.

Clearly this lovely lady will stop at nothing to keep her life exciting and we think this just might be the secret to a long and happy life.

Happy Birthday Ivena, here’s to many more exhilarating birthday surprises to come.