Have you ever had a random guy add you on Facebook or you match with a guy on Tinder and never really engage in conversation? – admit it, you sometimes think that you might have missed your chance with your potential dream guy.

Well, even though we can only assume that the guys you’re speaking to are people you know from your local area – Twitter user @sabwow┬áhad a very different experience.

She matched a very attractive gentleman on Tinder and began speaking to him – but after just the second message he sent – she decided to not reply.

Now, this isn’t just any guy we’re talking about – this guy is Joseph Schooling, an olympic athlete who just won the men’s 100m butterfly and beat swimming legend, Michael Phelps to the gold medal.

@sabwow took to Twitter to tell her torn story – on one hand she has her claim to fame, speaking to a famous Olympian but, on the other hand – she has made the biggest mistake of her life in not replying and not giving him a chance.

From the amount of favourites and retweets and the sheer disappointment from her mother, we can only assume that she is kicking herself seriously hard in the teeth right now.

Moral of the story – don’t ignore an olympic athlete.