When a passenger allegedly punched a member of the cabin crew during a flight to Russia, he was restrained and tied up for the remainder of the journey.

The drama, which unfolded on board an Aeroflot flight from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Moscow, was believed to be alcohol fuelled.

Fellow travellers caught the action on camera and show the ‘drunk’ man, known as Maxim G., sitting in just a T-shirt and underwear, strapped to a flight attendant’s seat with his hands tied behind his back.

Russian media reported that the man punched one of the cabin crew in the face after both the captain and fellow flight attendants asked him to return to his seat.



Immediately after the assault took place, the rest of the cabin crew, along with surrounding passengers, strapped him into a flight attendant’s seat, near an exit, to keep him away from other travellers.

Footage of the aftermath was recorded by a passenger and posted on social media, where it has since gone viral.

In the clip, the man can be heard swearing at cabin crew and challenging them to a fight – even though his hands are bound.

The plane was met on the runway by police officers, who took the man into custody.

Maxim G. now faces charges and a possible jail sentence.

Watch the drama unfold in the video below