Being liked is something that human beings crave. While some people might be more obvious about it than others, it is a well known fact that popularity one thing in life we all want.

Well fear not, now you can become instantly popular by using two simple words.

By just going out of your way to say ‘thank you’ to people now and again, you can massively influence how someone perceives you.

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A recent study by the University of New South Wales found that going out of your way to say ‘thank you’ makes people see you as a warmer person and want to be your friend.

For the small study, students were paired with older mentors on a project. Afterwards, half the students sent ‘thank you’ notes to their mentors.

Those who wrote to express their gratitude were seen as having greater ‘interpersonal warmth’ than those who didn’t. Plus, their mentors were more likely to exchange contact information with them.


Not only will giving thanks make people think better of you, but it can also make you happier.

Previous research published in the Psychological Science journal found that not only is expression of gratitude positively linked with relationship satisfaction, but that ‘people who express gratitude also benefit from doing so’.

So, in short, we should all take on board what our mothers taught us and start using our manners wherever possible.

Not that we should need to be told to say ‘thanks’ however, it is surprising how many people neglect to prioritise manors.

One thing is for sure, we will all be thanking more from now on and hopefully our popularity and happiness will only increase because of it.