We know what you’re thinking – one of the most irritatingly catchy songs of the noughties can’t have that much of a deep meaning – but just hear us out.

The Trinidadian musician behind the lyrics,¬†Anslem Douglas, explains that the song, formally called ‘Doggie’ is actually about criticising men who cat-call women!

Anslem actually revealed that the idea for the song came from his uncle. He stated:

‘He used to come in and say, ‘Who let the dogs out?!’ And one time he asked me, ‘Why don’t you turn this into a song?’ And the rest is history.’

We know, it seems totally absurd but let’s refresh our memories with this surprising verse:

“When the party was nice, the party was bumpin’ {Hey, Yippie, Yi, Yo}
And everybody havin’ a ball {Hah, ho, Yippie Yi Yo}
Untill the fellas “: start the name callin’: ” {Yippie Yi Yo}
And the girls respond to the call – the poor dog show up”
From what we can gather, the song is explaining that the party is great, everyone is having a good time until some men decide to ruin it by thinking that they can shout obscenities at women. The girls then respond by shutting them down with that ever-so catchy chorus: ‘Who let this dogs out? (Who? Who? Who? Who?’
So, there you have it! You have to admit that this pop-classic does have hints of feminist themes and we couldn’t be more glad that one of the most well-known songs around is raising awareness about sexual harassment – which is, essentially, what cat-calling is!