Game of Thrones have some pretty complicated storylines and countless names to remember (we can’t even keep up ourselves.)

We’re thinking mainly Daenerys  – who has the longest title in the history of the world and a different language that has been completely made up for the show to memorise.

So how exactly do they manage to execute it so perfectly? Well, the simple answer is that they don’t.

Like every other show, there is a reel of bloopers and it has become tradition for Game of Thrones to greet fans with the reel at Comic-Con.

Despite the enormous pressure that must be on the shoulders of the cast to deliver a perfect scene, sometimes they can’t help but mess up lines or for some, as you’ll see in the clip, get a little camera shy.

They clearly still have loads of fun on set and while we didn’t think it was possible, this bloopers reel has made us love the cast even more – particularly Peter Dinklage a.k.a. Tyrion Lannister.

Watch below and prepare to see an almost naked Jon Snow:

Also revealed at Comic-Con this year was that: Sansa didn’t tell Jon she’s called the Knights of the Vale to help in battle against Ramsey because “she wanted all the credit” and that the pair will not be hooking up.