When the potential next President of the United States, Donald Trump, infamously announced he was going to build a ‘wall’, the world reacted accordingly.

His rivals mocked him, the comedians turned him into even more of a joke and the Mexicans hated on him.

However no reaction has been quite as good as what has happened to Trump’s Hollywood star as a result of his plans to build a wall.


Plastic Jesus, a well-known street artist from LA has built a tiny wall all the way around the golden star of fame.

The 6-inch high, mimic wall is complete with a miniature flags, tiny barbed wire fences and ‘Keep Out’ signs to step Mexicans from entering Trump’s tiny part in Hollywood.


Graffiti is sprayed across the wall that states  “Stop Making Stupid People Famous” – a reference to Plastic Jesus’ stencil work that shows how societies worship fake idols – a piece of work that inspired his name.

After the wall appeared, Plastic Jesus took to twitter to say: “I built and paid for the wall myself. No Mexican money.”

A Hollywood star that has been ignored for many years has finally become a tourist attraction – with many descending on the walk of fame to grab a selfie with the hilarious addition to Trump’s star.