Beyonce might be one of the most successful entertainers of all time but let it be known that this woman has piled up quite the long list of enemies in Hollywood, and the reasons really tend to vary between each celebrity.

While it’s rare to hear anything negative about Beyonce, these 15 celebrities would beg to differ, having all had some kind of conflicted situations with the singer – chances are that these Hollywood stars will never make up with the 34-year-old either.

As Beyonce continues to carry the title for the most successful R&B singer each and every year, see below for the stars that have found themselves feuding with the mother of one in the last 15 years and tells us whether these celebs justify their reasons for not liking Beyonce.

Wendy Williams


In 2014, Wendy Williams made it known that while she considered Beyonce a very talented musician, she wasn’t so fond of the singer’s articulate ways, claiming that the mother of one doesn’t know how to gather a sentence together, hence why she doesn’t do a lot of interviews. Ouch.