Being kicked off a plane isn’t an action we would expect flight attendants to take lightly however, it seems as though you can be booted off an aircraft for almost anything these days.

From being too tall to people’s choice of clothing, the following passengers were forced to leave an airplane for the most bizarre reasons.

Understandably, there were a few people on this list who were left less than satisfied with the airlines that booted them off for these seriously obscure reasons.

Whether they were in a bad mood or just didn’t like the passenger, here are just a handful of things cabin crew have kicked people off a plane for.

Singing Whitney Houston 



A passenger made her singing debut aboard a flight full of lucky flyers making the six-hour trip from Los Angeles to New York. Her song of choice? The one and only ‘I will love you’ by Whitney Houston on repeat. Understandably, her bellowing was more than annoying, which is why the pilot decided to evict her from the plane. When it all became too much, the pilot changed the flight course halfway and made an unscheduled stop at Kansas City to remove the women mid performance.